How it works...

Assuming your application for finance is approved, we tell you the maximum we will lend you.
You can then visit any reputable dealership in your area knowing the finance is in place.

Once you have chosen a vehicle you want to buy just call us with the details and we'll email the documents to the dealer for you to sign while you're there. We'll also speak to the dealer to ensure the process is dealt with quickly for you. Usually the process takes no more than 48 hours.

We then organise paying the dealer immediately. Once the dealer is in receipt of the funds, you'll drive the vehicle away. The process is simple, quick and if the dealer asks, you just tell them that Infinity will organise the deal and payment direct with them. As a matter of course we organise an HPI on the vehicle for you (free of charge) and will advise you if there are any issues.

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