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If you've ever purchased a car from a dealer, you know that choosing the car isn't the whole deal. After the car is selected, even after the final price is worked out, the bad credit car finance isn't. That's when you go in the little office and do the real negotiating.And you can bet, the better you did with the purchase price, the more the car credit is expected to pick up the slack - from your pocket. Van Finance with Bad Credit

So, keep the buying and loan separate. Get your best deal on the car, and get your best deal on the poor credit car finance. They don't have to be at the same place. In fact, when financing is done independent of the sale of the vehicle, it's a pure finance deal, just a loan. There's no tie to the rest of 'the deal' and no flood of unneeded add-ons that find their way into the financing portion of your car (or van or bike) buying experience.

Also, you'll often do better on the rates when you do your deal away from the dealer. For a dealer to get your custom again, they have to have the car you want next time, when you want it. Most people are going to buy the vehicle that fits their needs the best, and more often than not, from a different dealer than their last sale because needs and tastes change.

Knowing you're probably not coming back no matter how good the deal, many dealers will focus on the sale of the day, not long term customer needs. For the dealer handling the car finance, the motivation to keep you happy on the financing is similarly weak, even if you like the terms, you probably won't be back, so the focus is the deal at hand. Either way, there's less of a motivation to keep the deal good for you. However, when you get your finance independent of the dealer, there's every reason to assume that a customer who is pleased with the car loan will come back when it's time for the next car,van or bike.